The great Kindle while Paper was born in the fifth generation of the Amazon’s Kindle History, which is the complete and exotic boon for the people, those who looking for the perfect e-book reading along with the collaboration excellent technology features. So the Kindle white Papers are the best device for the e-readers. Let’s discuss the features about the Kindle White paper 1st and 2nd generations.

Kindle white paper (1st generation):

The first generation Kindle was released during the fifth generation with more attractive features, which has the 6 inches of display with the resolution of 758×1024 and built-in LEDs are used to illuminate the display. The memory management of the 1st generation kindle white paper improved by the 2GB of RAM. It is available in two types such as the Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G so procure your device as per your need. These are the important features of the 1st generation of kindle white paper. So you can enjoy the best e-reading experience by using the touch type kindle white paper.

Kindle white paper (2nd generation):

The next advanced Kindle white paper released on the sixth generation of the Amazon’s history, which is also available in two types one is Wi-Fi version and another one is 3G and Wi-Fi version. The sixth generation Kindle white paper also called as the Kindle White Paper 2, which has the higher contrast E Ink Carta display technology and 6 inches screen with the 212 PPI. It has the improved features from previous kindle white paper by LED illumination, 25% faster processor and improved touch screen. It has some software features such as the dictionary, Wikipedia, X-Ray look-up, Page Flip and so on. So the Kindle White Paper 2 allows you to experience unique way of e-reading experience.

These are the important features of the Kindle White Papers and well known e-reading devices than the other gadgets of the Amazon.