iphones are in a league of their own, offering a smartphone experience that is both unique and immensely gratifying. Although the hardware and software is largely responsible for the amazing experience on offer, the role and contribution of apps cannot be ignored. These apps can add to your delightful iphone experience by making it a source of entertainment, information, and convenience. Although there are plenty of apps that can be considered an absolute must-have, we’ve shortlisted and reviewed the best apps from 2014 so that you don’t miss out on them.

Tiny Planet:

The Tiny Planet allows you to create the opposite effect and share it to all. The Tiny Planet uses the magical effect for example if you take a picture and the tiny planet creates the tiny sphere in the middle of your picture and makes it as the unique image with effect. This is the awesome app allows you to do the changes uniquely.

Up To Calendar


Whether you want to monitor the cell phone activities of your kids or keep an eye on your employees during working hours, Mobistealth is perfect for you. This state-of-the-art iPhone spy app is capable of logging call details, browsing history, text messages, instant messaging conversation, and tracking device location among other things, and delivering the logged information to an online account that you can access from anywhere. The best part is that it can be installed remotely and doesn’t require you to jailbreak your iphone, thus offering you convenience and keeping your warranty and intact. Do keep in mind


that you can only use an iphone spy app on a device you own and after you’ve disclosed its presence to the user of that particular device, especially if the user is an employee.


The Udacity is the excellent platform for the online learning, which is the iPad app but the iphone brought this especially for the iphone users. Here you can find the 12 full courses and 22 open courses; you can also download courses by the internet access and learn the lessons in offline mode too.


The wist app allows you to get the information about your nearby food, coffee shops and drinks. You can customize your search short by placing your location and searching between the certain limits. You can also separate the category by friends, date, business and much more. This is the right app to select your coffee shop and food where ever you want.


The Carousel is the best video and photo sharing gallery app and combine the Content from your drop box. This app always keeps the videos and photos of your friends allow you to add their photos with your events too.

The above mentioned iphone apps allow you to do the some special task and make you more update.