Android applications are finally growing to just about everybody with the latest Chromebook, but they’re still not done. There are still a lot of restrictions when you want to use Android applications on your Chrome Operating System, but one of the huge faults is about to be fixed in Chrome Operating System 64.

Since their first appearance on the platform, Android applications on Chrome OPERATING SYSTEM have had the restriction of pausing activity when they are not inattention. There are exceptions to the rule, Specify app, but applications with real-time data and numerous games pause when you touch out of the window. For the Operating System e coming from other platforms, that can be seriously annoying.

However, Google is fixing this very soon, as Chrome Unboxed has newly exposed. Chrome OPERATING SYSTEM 64, which is now available on the beta channel, flips the switch on allowing applications to run correctly when you aren’t well using them daily. It’s exciting to see Google focusing in on Chrome OS 64 with multitasking, as we also recently saw the “split view” choice added to that same version.

Since this is already running on the Beta version, it’s mostly safe to adopt let see its debut on Chrome OPERATING SYSTEM in the constant channel very soon.