If you love computers and the internet, and imagine yourself liking doing a job where you get to work with them, then the role of a software developer may be one that appeals to you. Since there are so many different roles under the broad umbrella of ‘IT’, however, it is important to establish whether becoming a developer is the right fit for you before you choose it as your career path. You may, for instance, prefer one of the countless other roles like a network engineer, database administrator, website designer, tester, technical support specialist or project manager, so even if you already know the industry you’d like to be in it is good to learn what you can about different roles before starting to train by doing something like a CIS degree.

What Do Developers Do?

Software developers spend most of their working time coding and debugging to build all kinds of software in accordance to requirements set out by their employers or clients, Developers develop every kind of software you can think of, from global banking systems to mobile apps and console video games. Of course, not all developers have the same skills, and there are a wide range of technologies and languages they use.

Developers working on small systems can sometimes build whole apps or pieces of software by themselves, while those working on bigger projects work in teams. Projects are managed in a range of different ways, to suit different software development styles such as Agile, or to suit different client needs. As secondary roles developers also sometimes have to test other developers code, present things to clients, train users, and provide support, though these are not always things you would have to do – it depends on the job.

What Training Do You Need?

Some talented developers get jobs with no formal education in IT at all, for example by being able to show off their knowledge with things they developed themselves in their free time while learning to code in a given language. If you don’t already have the skills though, a great thing to consider is an online computer information systems degree, which you can do with good colleges like Boston University online.

What Kind of People Enjoy Software Development Careers?

All kinds of people make good software developers, however it is a job best suited to those who prefer working on their own with a lot of focus for long periods, rather than those who like jobs where they get to talk to lots of people (if you are more interested in a customer facing IT job, there are roles in consultancy or support to consider). It is also a job where you need good attention to detail, patience, and a good mind for problem solving.

Being a software developer can be an interesting, rewarding and well paid job, with opportunities to work in all different sectors and all over the world, so if you think it’s the right job for you, why not start studying for an online CIS degree right away?