The introduction of the Apple iPhone 8, as well as, Apple iPhone X Edition, Apple Check out their trio, iPod Touch (7th-gen iPod touch), and Apple Television set (2017). Even though it’s totally possible that find doesn’t have any inside info and truths in this object, this transmission is the most up-to-date in a long listing of validation about what Apple has in shop for tomorrow. Apple adds a new 7th-gen iPod touch in this list in a today event. Some code snippets of iOS 11 hints that are a new iPod could be an option for September 12th event, though the creator hasn’t been as deeply rumored as the other hardware and remains less certain. Apple newly offered the iPod shuffle and Nano, leaving the iPod touch as the sole survivor of the iPod line.

Apple’s new products from its web page, but the screenshot overexposes them below the “Exceptions” heading when chatting about a cash back advancement.

The leaked iOS 11 GM build established the names of the three iPhones we’ll see September 12th but didn’t mention the “Edition” part of the iPhone X branding. Whether that’s actually the final name is something we’ll find out during the important. And also they mention a 7th-gen iPod touch contact, which the iOS 11 GM vaguely hinted at, but it’s unclear what exactly will be new.