On this week, Oppo Smartphone Company Creators announced a merging deal with chipmaker Qualcomm, where Qualcomm will support Oppo’s upcoming innovative smartphones like 5G-Network smartphones.

As part of the “5G Pioneer Initiative”, Qualcomm will provide comprehensive solutions such as the radio frequency front-end field to Oppo; it was announced at the 2018 Qualcomm Technology Day in China.

“In the future, Oppo will continue to invest in innovative technologies such as 5G-Network smartphones and AI, and apply these to product setups based on the core needs of users,” Tony Chen, Oppo Chief Executive Officer, said during a panel conversation.


Oppo Company going to launch 5G-network smartphones in 2K19:

“In this year, Oppo will speed up entry into worldwide marketplaces, and specifically enter more technologically advanced based countries like Japan, to provide mobile phones featuring advanced technologies and build-design to more users in the world,” Chen added.

Earlier this month, International Mobile Telecommunications-Advanced-2020 5G Promotion Group, the key promotion organization established by three official ministries in China, released the 5G technology Research and Development trial phase III specifications in Beijing City.

Oppo tells that it has contributed as the only mobile manufacturer and made contributions to the 5G-Standard formulation.

Vice President of Oppo Alen Wu said, “The upcoming 5G-Network smartphones time is unprecedented for the smartphone companies, and Oppo will work together with our partners in the industry to grasp opportunities in this field”.

“Qualcomm Technologies has always been a key strategic partner and they will continue to deepen collaboration with Qualcomm to facilitate the healthy development of the industry,” Alen Wu added.