British audio company Residence hall association (RHA) is the most recent to enter in Indian market with the additional feature of Bluetooth headphones. The Residence hall association company has just said the RHA MA 650 and RHA MA 750 wireless headphones in India presenting its trademark log, high-fidelity aptX technology, IPX4 sweat resistance, and universal remotes.

The RHA MA 750 has a neckband design with easily flexible ear hooks that stay comfortable with any place even when you are roaming outside. The headphone bands that cover your full neck and designed a rubbery finish which makes the headphones sweat proof too and perfect for those who need to use this RHA MA 750 headphone in the gym or for jogs. They provide a universal remote built, that lets you control volume up and down and also you can attend calls. When you press long on the middle button of the remote, it activates digital assistant like Google Assistant and Siri, and this works really well.

The RHA MA 750 branded headphone offers a different type of metal rings on the headphones edge and also in the drivers. And this accuracy design shows the audios excellence quality. The RHA MA 750 uses a high-resolution 560.1 driver that gives you a much-smoothed sound profile which makes headphone perfects for those who have a diverse sense of taste in music. The RHA MA 750 branded headphone works well with maximum categories and also this headphone doesn’t give any surprises when you avoid from one to the other. Also, while the ear hooks keep the headphones in ear, if you don’t have the perfect ear shape you will not get the perfect audio experience. So make sure that you have the right earbuds that kept the extra unwanted noise out and give only exacta audio in.

The RHA MA 750 company has offered one of the best and long life battery of a wireless headphone and you will never face any issue squeezing out 12 hours of continuous play, that too at full blast. The call quality is also a good one and the MIC is on the right side to capture voice really good.

Overall, the RHA MA 750 headphone is one of the best Bluetooth headphones with this unique design, though it is a little pricey. RHA MA 750 headphone is easy to use, and the headphone design that looks like it will last and audio quality that is of top quality.