Toward the inside the budding space of voice-based hardware, Sony has exposed its Xperia Hello that the whole thing as a communication with a robot powered by the Xperia Agent assistant that is exposed at Mobile World Congress comeback in 2k16. This invention is firstly exclusive to Japan, and it costs of JPY 150,000. It will be launching on November 16th.

Sony’s Xperia Hello has a 4.6-inch LCD panel with multi-touch support and an upper body camera that all makes it an upgrade over other smart speakers; include Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, and Google Home. Nevertheless, the device that is touted to be “like a family member”, with the way it fits into the home space. It has four motion sensors and seven microphones. This grouping benefit is to sense objects potential within a 3M radius. The Sony Xperia Agent has also been rebranded to Sony Agent.

The Sony Xperia Hello can rotate up to 340-degrees and turn its figure to receive anybody who talks about it. Sony has provided lights at the top of Hello’s body that function as eyes, and express feelings such as loneliness, happiness, sadness, and excitement. The bot as well as care for LINE and Skype that you can influence to make video and voice calls.

You can use the command “show me what my family is up to”, and the Sony Xperia Hello will notify you of the last time it detected your children’s faces. Similarly, “show me what you see” command will transform the robot into a security camera and provide you with a view of its surroundings.

Just like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant, the Xperia Agent on the Sony Xperia Hello bot provides you with live alerts about news, traffic, weather forecasts, and messages. This device can even be modified by setting up favored newsgroups for each of your family members. Additional, it can inform you of any traffic delays or accidents along your route.

One great mission that totally splits the Sony Xperia Hello from the race is its capability to dance. You just want to ask the device to “do a dance” and then watch the action live.

It is good value noting that Sony Xperia hasn’t yet exposed any particulars detail about the existing of this technology behind Xperia Agent. However, the robot could be based on a tradition Android version. AI efforts are making the hardware a cheerful challenger.