It was not so long ago that self driving cars were a thing of science fiction. With advances in technology the age of the self driving car now seems to be something which is in touching distance. This is a development which interests all drivers, but which is also important to those people who are not able to drive at present; such as people who are blind.

The race to provide self driving cars is extremely competitive; hardly surprising when the potential rewards are likely to amount to billions of dollars. Technology giants such as Google and Apple are involved in the race, as are major car manufacturers such as VW and Ford. So, how close are we to self driving vehicles?


What does the future hold?

It’s a fact that Google (in the shape of Waymo) and Uber have already begun testing self driving vehicles on the roads. It’s entirely possible that Apple has also done some testing, but their program is a lot more private and little is known about the progress being made. Car giants such as Ford are promising the first models within the next two to three years.

The truth is that self driving cars are a revolutionary creation which is going to change the way we live and travel forever. This is not something which can happen overnight. Do not forget the traditional vehicles that are already out there and the traditional road networks. All of this takes the time to change. It’s unlikely that major self driving car usage will emerge within the next ten years, but it’s most definitely on the horizon.

In the meantime

If you are a driver, and that self driving car is not available to buy just yet, you should not be too disappointed. There are plenty of useful gadgets around that you can invest in. Check out the details of your local stores at Shop Clearly, and head on down to treat yourself. Here are a few ideas for gadgets you may want to consider.

Trunk organizers

This may not seem like the coolest option but you will come to appreciate it. A trunk organizer helps you to keep all the junk that accumulates in one place. No more endless searching for lost items.

Driving gloves that are touch screen friendly

Driving gloves are an excellent investment if you want to feel more comfortable gripping the wheel. Gloves also make your grip more stable as it’s not being affected by sweat from your hands. If you buy driving gloves that are touchscreen friendly, you can use your phone once you have stopped, then continue driving, without having the hassle of removing the gloves.

Portable USB charger

You really cannot get much more useful than a portable USB charger. If you do not want to end up with a dead smartphone while you are traveling then you really should consider investing in one.

We realize that gadgets are not as exciting as a self driving car. But they can help make your driving experience a better one, until self driving vehicles become a thing of the present instead of being a thing of the future.


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